Create SEO friendly post - on page SEO for blogger website .

Create SEO friendly post for blogger and learn on page and off page SEO for index your website at first position of google .

Today i am going to teach you about create SEO friendly post on blogger . In last part we create a free website and then submit on google search console . Now we learn for a best SEO friendly post on blogger . A SEO friendly post is very very important part for rank on Google's first page . If you don't follow some very important tricks for post so your blog can't rank your site on google . So now if you want million traffic on your blog so you have do SEO friendly post .

You have follow some steps for create a SEO friendly post om blogger in your blog website . If you want create SEO friendly post so follow me step by step .

Important steps for SEO friendly post .

  1. Your post should 1000+ word of length .

2. Clear and understandable .

3. outbound link and internal link .

4. Title

5. Description

6. images SEO

7. Meta tegs

8. Unique article .

9. Speed of post.

1. Your post should 1000+ word of length .

you post should be 1000+ word of length because short article are not rank fast on google first page . Your post if don't have 1000+ word so your post can't index on first page of google and this is not useful content. So write everything about your topic or nich and build 1000+ word of post .

2. Clear and understandable .

Your post should be clear and understandable for readers . You can give space between every paragraphs and your tittle should be short and understandable . Make sure that your every paragraphs should be 6-7 line long as mobile version for best understandable . Your all meaning of word should be currect .

3. outbound link and internal link .

You have create 2 or more outbound link and internal link in your article . This is a very important for SEO . Outbound link is a link of different website' post or page . You have link any word of your post with outbound link . Internal link is a link of your website's post or page . You have create internal link for beat SEO score in your post .

4. Title for Create SEO friendly post

Title is very important part for your blog SEO . It is show about your post and nich You have create your title with the best keyword of your post . You can search best keyword on google keyword analysis tool for free . Title are a first impression for your post to attract for your site . Your title should be 60 characters of length .

5. Description

Description is a short nots for your blog . When user search your keyword on google so they see your description for serve site . So make sure your description are clear and understandable . You have add your keyword in your description 1 or 2 time for best SEO score . We recommend descriptions between should be 50–160 characters long .

6. Images SEO

You have add one or more then one images in your blog post . Images is very important for SEO . Your images should be SEO friendly like size minimum and best quality . You have give Alt teg to your Image for rank on google . Many people search on google using images so your images rank in google if you do best SEO for it .

7. Meta tegs for Create SEO friendly post

You have add your Meta tegs in your post for best results .The google crawler are check your meta tegs for rank on google your site . Make sure your meta tegs should be 4-5 for one article .

8. Unique article .

You have create or write a best and unique article for best results . You have write all articles with your own language . If you do copy of any site so then your article will be not rank on google and adsense account can desable .

9. Speed of post for Create SEO friendly post

After create a blog post you have check your blog speed . You can check your blog speed on (google speed tool ) . make your blog faster . You can use lite theme in your blog for increase speed of your site .

Now we will learn in next part that how to earn money using this blog .

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