How to become web developer ?

Hey friends ! There i am going to teach you about how to become a web developer ? . Many time after 12th students want to make websites and social application but they have not any best guide to get best tutorial to make a web developer .

So now there i am going to tell you about web developer process . A best developer can develop any type of website or web application and software for any task . If you want to become a developer so read this post and follow step by step all process .

Follow this all step for become a web developer .

  1. Learn Web language
  2. Practice
  3. Develop
  4. Regularly learning
  5. Hacking skills

Learn web language

If you want to become a developer so you have learn first basic language like HTML , CSS and php . you learn this language so you can make website best of best . If you want to become higher level of developer so you have learn more language with this all like Java script , python and more ..

I recommend you that if you are beginner so you can start from HTML , CSS language for develop website. If once you become master in HTML , CSS then you have learn PHP or python for develop frontend backend both type website .


Practice are very important for web developer . If you want become a best developer so you have do regularly practice with language to make something new . If you don’t do practice so after some time you may forget language then your speed of code will be slow to type . You can practice in localhost of PHP language .


You have develop any something other unique think regularly according your choice . You can develop any Function of other Websites tor education . If you want to become a best developer so you have regularly practice and develop any new system after learn languages .

Regularly learning .

After learning all languages of web development you have read regularly tor make strong hold on language . If you do not regularly read so you may forget many functions of language than you get loss in your performance .

Hacking skills

A developer are develop Website but some bad Hacker are attacks on Website and hack . So for save Website you have make many skills for safe your website from hackers . You can learn this all in hacking course and if you are use PHP or other languages then you can create a strong system to safe your Website from hackers .

Thus you can learn and become a best web developer .

Scope of web developer ?

Today the demand of web developer are increasing day by day . Today everyone want start business online . So this is best opportunity for make a best future . Today a developer are earn millions dollars per month . So now start your web development and become a best higher level of developer . If you want more knowledge about web development type so jest comments below .

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