How to buy domain and hosting ?

Hello friends . There i am going to teach you about how to buy domain and hosting in minimum prize from best platform . There i am tell you for best platform for buy domain and hosting .

If you want start any website so you can learn there step by step to manage all website . In this website we post regularly many best tutorial for website creation . So read all post from this website and make a best website fo grow your business or earn money online at home .

So now start there step by step that how to buy domain and hosting .

If you want buy so simply follow me step by step .

  1. Get platform
  2. See plane
  3. Search domain
  4. Best hosting
  5. Best platform for domain and hosting

let’s start learning about this

Get platform

If you want to buy domain and hosting you have need a best platform for buy hosting and domain . So simply go to any platform like or hostinger and make a new account .

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In this hosting WhatsApp group you can get best offers and free domains regarding offers . join share and submit any kind of WhatsApp group on this site .

See plane

There you get many plane for hosting and domain . You can buy any type of domain like .com .in .org . You have choose best hosting plane there for best website .

For see all planes of hosting simply click on hosting and then automatically open a window of all.planes now you have select one . If you want see domain prize so simply search any domain in search bar then you get all.prize of all domains .

Search domain

If you want a best domain so simply search any domain name according your business and choice . Then you get prize of all domains . You can buy there all type of Domains like .com .in .org .net etc . So now simply search any best domain name .

Best hosting

You have buy best hosting for make a good website . There you get 3 type of hosting plane starter 99Rs/mo , Economy 199Rs /mo. , Delux 299Rs/ mo. in godaddy platform . So now go to godaddy and see this all planes .

Best platform for domain and hosting.

  1. Godaddy
  2. Hostinger
  4. Bigrock
  7. Google Domains

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