How to create Facebook page ?

Hey friends . there i am going to tell you about hot to create Facebook page for marketing . If you are work with affiliate program of any site like Amazon or Flipkart etc so you can get unlimited traffic from Facebook page . many people are create page for marketing so now you can create in jest 5 minutes .

A Facebook page are very important for affiliate marketing . You can sell and buy any product on page and promote unlimited products within seconds . So in this post we will descus about how to you create a Facebook page and it’s all benefits . If you want create a fb page so now follow me step by step .

  1. Download Facebook application or go to facebook official website .
  2. Now create a Facebook id with your name . Make sure your name should be real . If you create id with fack account so it can be desable .
  3. After create a Facebook account click on side bar ☰ button and see a menu list .
  4. In this menu list get a page option with tha falg icon 🚩 .
  5. Simply click on page options and then click on create page button at the first position .
  6. Now automatically open a new window for ask create a new page so simply click on get started button .
  7. After click get started you have give a name to your page . There you can give any name ( example : your website name ) and click on Next button.
  8. Now selact any category for you page like technical , blogger , marketing etc and click on next button .
  9. Now you have enter your town name and then go to next .
  10. Finally your Facebook page ready simply click on Done button .

Thus your Facebook page is ready . now add profile photo and background wallpaper in your page .

How to get millions like for your page .

You can get unlimited likes for your page .If you increase like your page so in future when you post any think so your liker will get notification of post .
you can get like with many way . If you get like unlimited so now follow me step by step .

  1. You can invite many people of your friends list to like you page . This is a free way for get unlimited like to your page . You can share your page in many big whatsapp group .
  2. You can promote your post with investment some money . This is a best way for get unlimited like . If you promote your post so millions people will see your post and like .
  3. You can join many Facebook group as a page . If you join many group as a page so if you post something in group then anyone want see your profile then the can see your page for like .
  4. If you have any website of YouTube channel so add your Facebook page link in your website or channel for like by users .

Thus you can make a page for sell any your products in free of coast . So now go to Facebook and then create a page. In this page you can get unlimited settings like website add and more . You can connect your whatsapp with your page .

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