how to earn money from blog.

a .) Adsense
b) Affiliate program .

In this part we will descus about how to earn money from blog and earning . Learn about how to earn money from blog. In last part we learn for SEO friendly post and free blog creation . So now in this part we will learn about how you earn money from blog . You have many opportunities for earn money using your blog website but there we will tell you about best and very popular 2 opportunity for earn money . You can earn 100$+/day using a free blog website but it’s depend your hard work .
If you want realy make 100$ per day so you have do regularly work on your blog .

We will descus about for best and popular opportunity for earn money using your blog website.

  1. how to earn money from blog using Adsense
  2. how to earn money from blog. using Affiliate program

1. how to earn money from blog using Adsense

Adsense is a google product and it’s very popular and real earning source . You can earn unlimited using your blog website with Adsense . Adsense are a ads platform and there you can make a Adsense publisher account and connect your site with this adsense account then you can put ads on your blog website . When user will serve your blog site and then if they are click on any ads on your blog so you earn .

You can create only one adsense account and you have follow all adsense policy and terms and conditions otherwise if you don’t follow so your account can desable .

How to create Adsense account ?

If you want create a Adsense account so now go to your blogger dashboard and click on side bar button . Now see a earning tab . Simply click on Earning and then see a option ( you have not AdSense Account ) so click on connect with Adsense button . Now if adsense ask your blog URL so pest your full URL like .

Now you get a head code for pest it into your blog header . So simply cope this and come on your blog dashboard .

After this you have click on layout option and then click on add a gadget . Now get Adsense option in list and click on adsense . So ow pest your code in this option.

Now your blog are waiting for Adsense approvel . If you get Adsense approvel then you get a email notifications from Adsense team .

Thus you can create a Adsense account and earning using a simple free blog . Make sure number of post should be 50+ then you apply for Adsense account . After get Adsense approvel you can put ads on your blog and start your earning .

how to earn money from blog using Adsense

Affiliate program is a best and very popular opportunity for earn money using a blog or any Website . In affiliate program you have sell many product of e-commerce website . If you sell any product using from your affiliate account then you get some % money of product .

You can create a affiliate program account and add any product account your choice then cope link of product then add this link in your blog . If some user visit your site then buy product then you get money . Using affiliate program you can earn 100$ or more then 100% money .

You can start affiliate program in Amazon , Flipkart etc . Amazon is provide the best affiliate program for earn money . So now choose any platform account your choice and start money from today .

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