How to earn money online ?

Hey , friends there i will tell you about the best idea for how to earn money online without any investment and with investment . So jest read this full post then you get best knowledge for earn money at home . Now you can earn money at home without hard work using a simply your smart phone or computer .

There we are provide you the best 8 platform for earn money at home with your phone or computer .

We can earn money today using a simply computer or phone on google , YouTube so now let’s start learning about to how to make money online at home .

There provided best opportunity for earn money .

1.) Blogging

  1. Youtube
  2. Freelancing
  3. Affiliate program
  4. Facebook
  5. Website
  6. Domain provider sites
  7. Content writer

let’s start about earn money online


You can start your blogging website with free of coast . There you get best opportunity for earn money. If you want to make money with blogging so jest create a blog website and then start posting 3-4+ post regularly . If your post reach more then 50 then you apply for adSense for ads putting on your blogger site . After get adsense approval you can start earning money .


Youtube is one of the best platform for earn money in millions . You have create any type of channel on youtube then you have post regularly video according your choice . Then you have complete 1000 subscribers and 4000+ watch time Than your channel will automatically monetize . Then you earn money using your YouTube channel regularly .

You have follow some term and conditions of YouTube policy for earn money from YouTube . If you don’t follow so you can’t earn money from YouTube . So simply now create a channel then start your earning .


Freelancing is best platform for skills full peoples . If you have any type of skills like web development or video editor or app development etc so you can start freelancing business without 0 investment .

You can build account on or other freelance website to get regular best orders . So now go to any freelance website then make account and start your freelancing business to earn money at home without any investment .

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the be best earning platform for earn money back at home. You have open a account of affiliate program . You can start affiliate on e-commerce website like Amazon , Flipkart etc .

After create account simply you have sell any type of product of e-commerce website and then after sell you get some % money of product . Thus you can earn money using affiliate program .


We know about Facebook that Facebook user is 5B+ so this is best opportunity for earn money . There you can create any Facebook page or group with millions members . If you have this type of group of Facebook page that contain millions people so you can promote customer’s product in group or page and then you can tack charge for promotion.


You can develope any type of website and rank on Google it. Then you can earn Using Website millions money . You can connect Adsense to earn money . If you are a businessman so jest create websites for your business then reach to whole world with your business using online world .

Domain provider sites

You can buy domain from domain provider sites and then sell them domain using your Website according your choice of prizes . If you buy a do everythingmain in ,$10 then you can sell this according your choice .

Content writer

is best business for writers .If you want start your business in writing so jest you can start Using fiverr or any other freelancing Website . You can tack money per word of content from your customers .

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