How to increase website speed WordPress

Hey friends . In this article you will learn about how to increase website speed wordpress and you can boost speed of your wordpress website in minute .

Learn there how to increase website speed in WordPress and rank on Google’s first page with fast speed .

There we will discus about your all problem related how to increase speed of WordPress website and then we teach you full about increase speed .

There you learn how to increase google page speed of WordPress site 15% to 98-100% speed . You can check your website speed on google page speed insights tool .

Now you can boost your site speed without any pay plugin or pay tools . There we will discus for absolutely free of coast site booster tool for you and learn there how to increase the speed of WordPress website without any costly plugin .

So let’s start increase loading seed of WordPress website and grow your site in advance booster setup .

Nitropack plugin

Nitropack plugin is one of the best plugin for boost your website speed in free of coast . Using nitropack you can increase your website speed up to 15% to 100% . You have follow some steps for increase your site speed using nitropack plugin .

Follow this setup step for nitropack.

  1. First go to and register and make a account .
  2. After create account you have submit your site in nitropack .
  3. Now wait some minute for approve your site .
  4. So simply now go to wordpress and click on add new plugin .
  5. Now search nitropack plugin and install this plugin.
  6. After installation simple active nitropack plugin .
  7. Now go to nitropack settings .
  8. Simply now click on connect button .
  9. Thus your setup are ready so simply now start automatically your page optimization for boost speed .
  10. After 10 minutes your site a ready and now you can test your website speed . You will get awesome speed .

Thus you can boost your website speed with free of coast . Using nitropack you get 100% speed of your website .

Requirements for nitropack .

  1. Make sure you have wordpress account.
  2. Your site should be on google .
  3. Please deactivate other site speed related plugin from your wordpress .
  4. Be sure you have created a nitropack account on site .
  5. You can use free plans and Paid plans.

After following this all requirements you can boost your site speed in jest minutes without any pay anyone .

Nitropack is a automatically tool. This plugin auto optimize to your whole website and its code and extra JavaScript and boost your website speed .

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