How to install wordpress in localhost ?

Hey friends . There i am going to talk about how to install wordpress in localhost for test any php files . Localhost is a server and this is use for test php files . Using localhost you can test any type of database files . In this localhost tou can create database name with phpmyadmin . All dynamic website are use phpmyadmin for store all data . If you want test any dynamic website and collect data from testing website so use this localhost server.

WordPress is a software and you can install wordpress in your localhost for test and make any website . WordPress is a best website developer tool and there you can create a best responsible website without any coding skills . So now let’s start that how you can install wordpress in the localhost server .

To install wordpress in localhost you need two software .

  • Xampp server
  • WordPress


Xampp server is called localhost . xampp is a software and you can download and install this into your computer . xampp are create only for compute . You cant install this into mobile . To install xampp simply click on me . After download this software from google you have install in pc .


WordPress is a software for create website without any coding skills . you have install wordpress on localhost server to create website in using localhost . So simply download wordpress and install this on your pc .

After xampp software setup you can now start installation wordpress in localhost . So now follow me step by step to install wordpress in localhost server .

  1. Open xampp server in your computer and then click on start button of apache and MySQL .
  2. Now Type on browser search bar ‘ localhost/phpmyadmin and click enter button .
  3. create a database name in phpmyadmin dashboard .
  4. Now go to download files section and cope wordpress zip file and pest into xampp/htdocs and unzip this file . After unzip cope wordpress main folder and pest in to xampp/htdocs . Then rename with ‘ wordpress ‘ name .
  5. Thus you have type on browser ‘ localhost/wordpress . Then open a window for ask language so simply select English and click next button .
  6. Now auto open a form for submit database username , password , host name , Database name . simply enter all information correctly according given below side . Database Name = created by you . Username = root password = blank if have not . host = localhost .

After enter this all simply click on submit button Then your wordpress install within 2-3 minutes . Now simply type on browser after install ‘ localhost/wordpress to open your website . If you want open wordpress dashboard so simply type on browser ‘localhost/wordpress/wp-admin .

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