How to make a e-commerce website without coding skills ?

Learn about How to make a e-commerce website without coding skills ? make a best e-commerce website and start your business .

Hello friends . There i am going to teach you about how to make a e-commerce website without coding skills . There you can learn many type of website for your business . So if you want to learn unlimited website creation so now follow me and subscribe us .

In this article i will teach you for make a best responsive e-commerce website for your business .

To create a e-commerce website without any coding skills you have jesy follow me step by step . So now lest start about make a best e-commerce website .

  1. Buy and install source code

2. Get best hosting and domain

3. Installation

4. Set-up

5. Product launch

6. Search console .

Buy and install source code .

To make a best e-commerce website without any skills of coding you have buy whole source code form any best site . On the google simple type E-COMMERCE website php script and then get best and very popular course code of e-commerce website for make a best website .

You can hire any developers for create this website but developer may be ask tor higher price for website .

Get best hosting and domain

Now you have buy a best hosting plane and a domain name for your website . So jest GoDaddy or any source for buy hosting and domain. We recommend that you should buy a best hosting plane for get best speed .


After buying source code , hosting , domain . Now you have install this php script on your hosting plane So simple go to your hosting plane and Open file options tab . Now upload your source code zip file in to your file manager system of hosting .

If you buy domain and hosting from one source so simply domain automatically connect with your hosting otherwise you have set server name of your hosting with domain to connect domain with hosting. So now after connect domain with hosting simple type on browser search bar your domain name .

So simply type your domain name.on browser and then fill all required form to install your script in hosting plane .


After install successful . You have give your site name and tittle , description , and many other things . You can read all set-up instructions in source code zip file .

Now you have setup your profile and payment options and email SMTP system for OTP .

Product launch

Now you have add products for sell using your website . You can add thia all products using your admin Dashboard . You can make different different categories for your different products .

To add your products simply go to admin dashboard using your email and password . Then click on add new products button and add unlimited products according your choice .

Search console

After this all steps you have simply now submit your site in the google Search Console for rank on google . thus when any buyer search any thing on google related your site so then your site will show on google if you done best SEO .

So thus you can make a beat e-commerce website without any Coding skills. If you want learn more website development without coding and with coding so subscribe this site and get regularly new updates and knowledge .

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