How to make a WordPress website step by step advance tutorial .

Learn about How to make a WordPress website step by step advance tutorial . get best free WordPress tutorial step by step .

Hey friends , There we will learn about how to make a WordPress website step by step advance tutorial in free of coast . If you want to create a website so now you can start using WordPress . WordPress is the best opportunity for create websites without any coding skills . If you have not any knowledge for coding so don't worry you can create using WordPress a best SEO friendly and responsive website .

Now we will discus there for create WordPress website step by step and some important plugin for SEO . WordPress is a very advance platform for create websites . There you can get millions themes and plugin for develop a best responsive website within 10-15 minutes . So now let's start learning step by step.

  1. Domain & hosting

2. Install WordPress

3 , select Theme

4. Important settings

5. Important pages

6. Plugin

7. SEO

8. Search console

9. Backlinks

10. Adsense

Domain & hosting

You have need Domain and hosting to create a wordpress website . So now you can buy any domain name according your choice but make sure your keywords should be in your domain . You can buy domain and hosting from any platform like hostinger , godaddy etc .

Install WordPress

After perches domain and hosting you have need to install there wordpress on your hosting . Simply you can install WordPress in your hosting from cpanel of your hosting . After install WordPress in hosting you can open your wordpress dashboard using yourdomain/wp-admin in search bar .

Select theme

In the dashboard you can edit whole website and Change any theme there . So now you have select any best SEO friendly theme . To change wordpress theme you have click on appearance > theme > add theme . There you can edit any type of website .

Important settings

In this tap you can edit all settings for theme and title description , sitemap etc.
Get best google rankings using tittle and all settings of your website.

Important pages

In this section you have create some important pages for your website . You have create privacy , about us , content us page for your website. This all page are very important to rank on google and get approval with google AdSense.


There you can add many plugin in your WordPress. This is a very important part of any website . In the plugin tan you can add many tool for your website like Yoast plugin , speed plugin etc. .


Now you have setup all SEO settings like description , tittle , tag , keyword , and backlink . This all steps are very most important part for SEO Setup . You can install yoast plugin in WordPress for best seo technic .

Search console .

After this all steps now you have submit your website in the google search console for index on Google's first page . If you want to get traffic for your site so you have submit on google your site .


Backlinks are very most important part for your website to rank Fastly on google . You can create and buy backlinks and get regularly best higher quality of traffic from google using backlinks . you can read more here for backlinks .


After this app steps you can connect your website with AdSense for earn money from your website . You have connect your site now with AdSense and then setup all ads on your site whenever peoples are visit your site and click on ads then you earn money from google AdSense . you can read more here for AdSense account .

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