how to make free application ? - create a free app and earn money

learn about how to make free application ? and start earning using this application . create a free application without coding skills .

how to make free application ? - create a free app and earn money

Hey friends . There i am going to descus about how to make free application without coding skills . If you want to make application but you have no skills of coding like java , php many more so don't worry now you can make application without any coding skills . Today in this post i will teach you for create different type of application using your phone or computer and this all application you can create in 10 minut .

So now let's start that how you can create a application without any coding skills in 10 minutes . Then how you start earning from this application . You can make money using this free application . So now follow me step by step for make free application .

Let's start making application

  1. Go to appsgeyser website and then click on create app button .

2. Now see 2 option that create for grow and create for earn . So now if you want earn money using this app so click on create for earn otherwise click on create for grow .

3. After next page you can see many application type and different category for create a free application . So now simply select any one application type . Suppose we want to create a tiktok application so simply click on tik tok application tab .

4. Now you have give any url of your website . If you have not any website so simply type and then click on Next button .

5. Now you have give your application name . This name is a your application name .

6. After name noe you have select any logo for your application . You can add any type of logo according your choice .
So simply select any logo and then click on next button .

7. Now simply click on the Create button. After click create button you have sign up with your google account or Facebook account according your choice .

Now Your free application are ready to publish . So simply click on left top side to install this application in your phone to check. To download this app on your device you can scan bar code or click on a link below bar code img . Thus your application start to download .

How to test application ?

Now you can check your this free application in your phone . If you want share this app so simply cope URL of below side bar code img. and share this url to all group .

If you want publish this application on google play store so simple go to google and then create google play account then publish on play store . Thus you can publish your application .

How to earn money using this free application .

You can earn money using your free application . For earn money simply public on play store and then connect your application with google admob . Admob is a ads service platform . If you connect your app with admob then on your application will show ads and then any user click on ads then you get money of this click . So now simply create a free application and then earn money online with free application .

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