How to make link Shortener website ?

Hey friends . In this article we will learn about how to make link shortener website without any coding skills . If you want to make a micro nich tool like link shortener so simply read this post and get all tutorial to make this website .

A micro nich website you can make now simply in some steps . There we will discus for build a short link website and and all setup process . A micro nich website rank on google faster then other websites on google . So now let’s start making a link shortener website step by step .

  1. Buy source code

2. Domain and hosting

3. Installation

4. setup system

5. launch website

Buy Source code

To make a link shortener website you have buy php script for make a website . Simple go to and search link shortener php script then purchase and buy this php script . This script are very important roll play for your website . Thus you have not need to write code .

Domain and hosting

Simply now go to godaddy or other website to buy domain and hosting . You have buy best hosting plan for best speed of your website . Now buy a domain according your choic . You should be buy domain with short link keyword or according your choic . So now after buy you have connect your domain with hosting .

To connect your domain with hosting you have setup server name of domain .


Now this time to install whole php script in the your hosting plane .

Now simply go to your hosting and then go to c-panel . In the c-panel you can see file manager option . So now simply upload your php script zip file in the file manager . Now make sure that you have unzip your zip file . After unzip simply go to phpmyadmin option in c-panel .

You can go phpmyadmin or mysql option to make database .

Now create database and then go to browser and type your domain and then you get a form to submit your database name and install this script on your server . So simply fill database name , user name , password , hostname and install it .

Congregation ! your site now ready To make short link .


Now you have setup all system like title description and keyword in your dashboard setting . You can get this all setting in admin panel of your site . In this setting tab you can customize fully site according your choice . There you get all setting of your site for chang color to everything management .

Launch website

Simply now launch your website on google . To launch website simply you have add your site in google search console . After submit your site in google search console you have give sitemap in console . Then your site automatically rank on google soon .

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