how to make money blogging for beginners

how to make money blogging for beginners

hey friends , there i am going to teach you about how to make money blogging for beginners . There you get best knowledge for earn money from your blog website . You can create a blog website free of coast . Now there i will learn you for make money online from home . You can easy earn money but you have follow some most rules for start a blog website .

There i will tell you the best rules for earn money from blog . If you follow this rules so 100% you can earn money from a blog website .

  1. Create a blog website
  2. SEO
  3. Blog post work
  4. Social media
  5. AdSense

1 Create a blog website

If your question is how to make money blogging for beginners so learn this . You have Create a blog website for earn money . You can make free of coast a blog website using and if you can pay some money so you can start your blog on wordpress . If you have not money for buy hosting or domain so simply first you can create blog on free of coast .


In the second rules you have make seo friendly to your blog website . You have create best tittle and descriptions for you blog home page . Make sure don’t copy tittle descriptions of other website . Make a unique and best related your nich tittle and description .

Blog post work

You have work on your blog to rank on google your blog website . Make sure don’t copy any article and img from other any website . You have post minimum 300 post on your blog website . Make sure your every post should be of 1000 word . If you follow this rules so you get faster rank on google .

Social media

Be active on social media all platform for seo of you blog website . When you create any post so simply post on many social platform for rank on google your blog website faster .


After this all steps you have connect now your website with AdSense for earn money from your blog . You have read all AdSense policy for keep safe your AdSense account . You can’t click on your own ads . If you click on your ads so you get disable your AdSense account and then you can’t open again your AdSense account

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