How to solve ads limit error in AdSense

Hello friends , There i am going to tech you about how to solve ads limit error in AdSense publisher account . Many time we get this error of ads limit and this automatically remove by google team within 20-30 days so if you want more faster remove this so read this post and all steps . You cam read this for keep safe your adsense account .

If you are new user of google AdSense so you will get this error because at first time you don’t know about google policy and terms properly . So now lest start about how to remove ads limit from your adsense account .

Why does this error occur ?

If you want learn about remove this error so first you have learn about that why does this error occur on your adsense account .

  1. If you click on your own ads or watch your ads so you get ads limit .
  2. your website get inorganic traffic so your account will get ads limit .
  3. Don’t share to your friends your website URL for click on google ads .
  4. If you open your website and watch ads so you get ads limit error .
  5. Due to invalid activity .
  6. Due to useless or duplicate content .

How to solve ads limit error .

  1. Firt you have remove all code from your website and turn off auto ads .
  2. Now click on feedback option or help and tell google that about your ads limit and invalid activity and say google team that in future this will now happen on your website .
  3. Wait 7-10 day and than your ads limit automatically remove by google team .
  4. If you get ads limit error without any reason so contact with google team and say them about this error .

Thus you remove your ads limit from your website . So now in future make sure you don’t create any invalid activity again google policy .

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