How to start a blog Step by step - learn for create a free blog website

start a blog step by step . learn for create a free blog and all setup step by step and start earn from free blog at home.

How to start a blog Step by step  -  learn for create a free blog website

Today i am going to teach you about how to start a blog Step by step . make a free blog so now follow me step by step . There you can learn all blogger system and creations . Now you can make a blog site 100% Free of coast . In this post i will discuss about blogger free website for blog and earning from free blog . you can create free blog at many platform .

You can now make a free blog and then start earning from blog . If you want seriously learn about blogger so read this post with construction . In this post we will tell you for create a free blog on blogger and how to earn money from free blog step by step so let's start now .

you have follow this all step for create a free blog and earn money and all setup .

  1. salect a perfect nich for your blog

2. how to Create a free blog .

3. How to setup your blog .

4. Optimize your blog for SEO

5. how to add your blog on search console.

6. How to create post .

7. how to earn money from this blog .
a ) Adsense
b) Affiliate program .
c). Adsense alternative .

1. Salect a perfect nich for your blog.

First you have find a perfect nich for your blog website . Ask from own that What you can do and get any interested Topic or nich according your choice. You can start blog on news blog , Viral script , gaming blog , Any tool or Affiliate program blog website , etc. You have search best nich and unique for grow faster then other . Search any unique nich for earn more money using your free blog .

2. How to creare a free blog step by step .

You can create a free blog using a free platform as blogger . For creare a free blog site follow me step by step .

1. First you have go to Blogger website and see a button Create your blog so now click on it .

2. Then now sinup with your gamil id

3. Now auto open a new window there you have give your blog website' tittle .

4. Now choose a URL for your blog. This URL will be your free domain name .

5. Now give a name for your blog website .

6. Congratulations ! your free blog website is read now .

3. How to set-up your blog website .

You have now setup all blog and it's settings and theme . so now start all setup step by step.

  • First Click on side bar button and see many functions and options for customiz your blog website.
  • First option is given post so you can post there many content by click on Post button for create many post .
  • Second option is stats . There you can see your site visitors and his country and your sites views of regularly.
  • Now see a comment option . There you can manage your visitor's comments. you can approve and disapprove any comment .
  • Now see a Earning option . This is use for earn money. There you can connect Adsense account with your site .
  • Five option is page . There you can create many page for your site like privacy , contact us , about us etc.
  • Six option for manage for layout. This is very important option. In this option you can edit this site and full customiz .
  • After layout see a theme option . Using this theme option you can change theme of your blog website.
  • After theme option see a setting option for you site . This is very very important option for blog site . Click on setting option and then see all setting and of tittle , description and more .
  • In tha setting option you have set all setting like tittle , description and all . Then your blog website are full ready for add search console.

For learn Optimize your blog for SEO check next part and learn about that how you can Optimize your blog for SEO

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