How to start freelancing business

Hey friends . There i am going to teach you about how to start a freelancing business at home without any investment of money . If you have any skills so you can start freelancing business at home . Today many people and millionaires are start freelancing business for earn money . Freelancing a open source business and it’s totally free of coast to start .

You can start this using one computer or laptop at home . If you are have any skills like video editing , business cart creation , web development , application development , software etc so now you can start your own freelancing work from today .

If you want to start your freelancing business so now let’s follow me step by step .

  1. Freelancing platform .
  2. Your Skills
  3. Profile setup
  4. Get order
  5. how to grow this ?

If you want start your own business on freelancing so you have follow me step bt step for all tutorial about freelance . So now we are starting learning that how to start freelancing business today without any investment .

Freelancing platform

You have select any freelancing platform for start freelancing . On the internet you will get many platform for start freelance . We are suggest you for fiverr and because there you get many skills option . You can select any one platform or both for start freelancing . To start this business you have create a best profile like a shop and then give a best tittle for understanding .

Your Skills

After choosing freelancing platform you have learn any skills or if you have already so start now . Your skills should be like web development , app development , video editing , content writer , seo , Social marketer , etc . If you have some skills so now you can start your own freelancing business . After Registration in any platform you have creare your own a business profile for user .

Profile setup

After registration you have create a best profile including your skills in the profile . When any customers will visit your profile then customers will see your profile for see your work . So remember that firt impressions is the last impressions . So create your profile very attractive and best for get many extra customers regularly .

Get order .

After setup profile and all work you have get order for work . You can get order regularly as free of coast in your platform . Millions people are search in freelances website for get best worker . So your profile are best so any customers will give you order for work . You can marketing on social media about your freelancing business for get more customers and work .

how to grow this ?

Now your freelancing business are ready for work but many time you can get order in minimum amount . Therefore you have grow your business with many different ways . If you want more customers so follow me step by step and do it .

A) . You can promote your business on Facebook page if you have this .

B). Make a google ads campaign for promote your business on google .

C). you can share on many fb whatsapp and Facebook group for promotion .

D.) you can make free website about your business to promote your freelancing business without any money .

E). Create a youtube channel and make video on your service to promote your business .

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