How to submit new website in google ? rank on google at 1st page .

Learn about How to submit new website in google ? get index your site at 1st position of google . add your site in google search console .

Hello friends ! Today i am going to teach you about how to submit new website in google in jest few minutes . If you are create new website and then if you want to submit your site on google for fast rank so this article for you . So if you want submit your site on google so simply you can submit using google search console .

Google search console one of the way to submit new website on google . In this article we will discus for submit new website and index rank rank on google .

So now let's start for rank on google your new website . There you can learn all steps for rank website on google . So now simply follow me step by step .

  1. Go to search console website .
  2. Now you see a start button So simply click on it .
  3. So now you get a new window for submit your website . There you get 2 option for submit your website .

a) Submit domain
b) submit URL

You can submit any one option . We recommend for submit your domain and click on submit button .

  1. Now you have verify your domain property . You can verify your domain by using your domain provider company and other methods according given on verify page .
  2. After verification you get dashboard of your search console so simply you can see all data like traffic and rank position etc of your website .
  3. Now you have submit your sitemap on search console. To submit sitemap go to sitemap option then type on sitemap box that and click on submit.
  4. Now your site within 24 hour automatically index on google . Thus your site submitted successful on google .

How to rank quickly any URL on google ?

If your any URL take many time to rank on google so simply follow me step by step to rank on google any URL within one hour .

  1. Simply first copy your URL from your site .
  2. Now open your search console .
  3. Click on URL inspiration icon .
  4. Now pest your URL and press on enter .
  5. So finally you get request for index button . Simply click on it .
  6. So now your request are successful submitted for rank URL on google . so finally within 1-2 hour your URL index on google .

Thus your can submit new site on google and rank faster then other site . So now go to search console and submit your site on google. If you like this post and you want more like this so comment below . If you want make a free website so now you have read this post to make a best website .

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