How to work on fiverr - start a freelancing business on fiverr

Learn about how to work on fiverr to earn money at home without any investment . start freelancing business today to earn money at home .

How to work on fiverr - start a freelancing business on fiverr

Hey friends . In tha last part we was descus about freelancing business and now we learn about how to work on fiverr as a freelancer . So now you can learn all tutorial about fiverr that how you get work on fiverr and earn millions . Today in the internet world you can get many freelancing platform but there we suggests you for fiverr because there you can get many skills of work .

So now in this post we will learn about that how you can join fiverr and a to z full tutorial . If you want to be a freelancer so fiverr is a best opportunity for freelancing work . So now follow me step by step for learn fiverr platform from beginner .

  1. What is fiverr ?

2. Dose work fiverr ?

3. How to start work on fiverr ?

4. How to earn money on fiverr ?

5. Best 10 category for work on fiverr .

What is fiverr ?

Fiverr is a freelancing platform for start freelancer job. This is provide you many work with different category . You can start there work like website design , app development , video editing etc. This is a best opportunity for start work as a freelancer . This is a all rounder platform because the you can get all type of work . There you can work and earn 1000$/per day regularly but this is depend on your work .

So now join fiverr now as a freelancer and start making online money . If you want to create any website or want more service so you can search on fiverr to workers . There you get best freelancer for any type of work .

How dose work it ?

Fiverr is a freelancing opportunity and it's provide many function ro get work from customers . If you want work on fiverr so follow this steps .

  1. First you have register a account 2. then you have select any one category of service . 3. Now you have create your seller account 4. Thus now you have create a Gig for your brand .

So now simply after register a account Click on create seller account button and then click on continue . Now you have create a Gig so simply fill all filled to create a gig on fiverr . and then your sellar profile will ne ready to sell your service for your customers .

How to start work on fiverr ?

You can start your work on fiverr after create a Gig for sellar account . Firt you have create a sellar account . So to create a sellar account click on sellar account button then click on continue button . After click continue see a new filled page and you have fill this all filled .

In this filled page you have fill four page to create a Gig.

1. personal info .

2. professional info .

3. linked account .

4. Account security .

After fill this all then your gif successful created . Now you have wait for 1 day to approval this Gig .

This Gig is a profile of your work to impress your customers . Using this Gig your customers can be contact with you then you get work and earn money .

How to earn money on fiverr ?

You can create money using your Gif . This is a freelance work so you get order according your work from users . After get order you have complete task of your customers then your customers pay you for service .

Best 10 category for work on fiverr .

You can start best freelance work on fiverr using best 10 category . In this category you can earn regularly 1000$ per day .

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Logo Designing
  3. Business Card Design
  4. Designing Brochures and Flyers
  5. Video Animation
  6. SEO Support
  7. Content Writing
  8. Coding and Website Building
  9. Business Planning
  10. Video editing

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