How to write SEO friendly article ? rank website on google at first page .

Learn about How to write SEO friendly article ? Get first position on google by following this all SEO important technics .

Hey friends . There you will learn about how to write seo friendly article for your WordPress website without any using tool . There we will discus about the seo friendly content to get index on google faster then other site .

Now you can create the best seo friendly article or content for you website for rank on google faster . So if you want to learn about seo friendly article so jest you have read this article step by step .

Many publisher are create post regularly without focusing on seo and some seo hacks therefore they don't get higher position on google index pages .

So now let start that how you can create SEO friendly article for your WordPress website and rank website in jest few minutes on google and earn money from your site .

  1. Search low competition of keywords
  2. Long tail keywords
  3. Title
  4. Description
  5. Yoast plugin
  6. Content
  7. Meta tegs
  8. Images optimization
  9. SEO friendly URL
  10. Submit link to google

Search low competition of keywords

You have use for faster ranking a best low competition and best keywords according your post tittle. You can use google keyword planner free tool for find the best keywords list for your website . If you use high competition of keywords for your blog so then you have make a big site of more then 50k pages . If your site is very big and popular so your high keyword of post will rank easily otherwise you can use low competition of keywords.

Long tail keywords

Use long tail keywords for rank Fastly on google . Long tail keywords are the best option if your site new on google . So jest get best long tail keywords with low competition then get 1st rank on google then short keywords and other site .


You have create a seo friendly tittle for your website . Make sure your keywords should be in the tittle for rank on google . Your tittle should be 60 characters .


Create a best seo friendly description for your site with 155 characters for best seo . You have use keywords in your meta description one time . Make sure don't copy of any other site's description .

Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast seo plugin is the best and very popular plugin for best seo setup in wordpress . Using yoast you can create the best content with meta title and meta description for your website . Using yoast plugin you get all setup for your website to get best seo settings for your site.


The content are very most important part of your website . If you are a blogger so you have write regularly a post for your wordpress website . Make sure your keyword should be in the first paragraph of content .You have create content understandable and unique for rank on google fast . Use outbound link and internal link in your content . Your content should be 2000 word long for rank on google Fastly .

Meta tags

Meta tegs are very most important for your website . You have create meta tag with keywords . Make sure your keywords should ne in meta teg for best seo results . You can create minimum 5 meta tegs for best results in google ranking .

Image optimization

You have optimization your image for rank on google . Many people are use image for search on google so if you create unique and seo friendly image so you will get traffic from Google using images . You can give alt text and image name like your tittle or keyword .

SEO friendly URL

You have create a seo friendly url for best ranking on google . If you want create seo friendly URL so simply cope your keyword or tittle and click on edit URL option then pest your keyword . Your keywords should be in the your URL .So now your content or article ready for public. So simply click on public and post your article .

Submit link to google

Now your post are ready for index on google . If you want rank your article on google quickly so simply cope your article URL and go to google and type ' Submit my link to google ' and then you get a search console first link so click on it . Then pest your URL in submit box and get best results . You can submit your URL in your search console inspect any URL box and request for index your new article . Thus your article rank on google within some hours .

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