Optimize your blog for SEO - full on page SEO for blog

optimize your blog for SEo and get first position on google . learn on page SEO for your blog website .full On page SEO for blogger site .

Hey friend ! There we will learn about how to you can optimize you blog for SEO . In tha last part we was learn for create a free blog website so now we have do some SEO Setting for index this website on google. There you will get all course for blogger SEO . So now let's start and optimize your blog for SEO to get first position on google first page .

If you want optimize you blogger site so now follow this all step .

  1. Titles and description .

2. Google Analytics 

3. Custom domain


5. Meta tags Enable search description

6. Crawlers and indexing
a) Enable custom robots.txt
b)Enable custom robots header tags
Home page tags
Archive and search page tags
Post and page tags

7. Google Search Console

8. Monetisation

Titles and description .

If you want index your site on google first page so now you have set your titles and description for your site . In blogger > setting you see titles and description option . In this section put title and description .

Google Analytics .

In this SEO optimization second step is analytics. If you want see all data for user or visitors of your site so now connect your site with Google analytics. Using Google analytics you can see users all information like location , active user amount , total user , new user etc . and you can track your user using google analytics .

Custom domain to Optimize your blog for SEO

In the setting of blogger you get a option for add your custom domain . If you have budget for buy a domain so you can add your own domain for you blog website .


Blogger are provide you free of coast SSL Certificate for enable HTTP To HTTPS . this option you will see in setting section . Simply enable this option from setting then your blog will be secure for all user .

Meta tags

In tha meta tags option you have Enable search description for your site . In this tab you see a button for enable search description . So simply click On enable button then type a short description for your website .

Crawlers and indexing

Now you have index your blog website on google . So therefore you have add your website on google search console . In the blogger > setting you will see Crawlers and indexing option . In this option you get two Setting for enable .
you have enable this Two option .

a) Enable custom robots.txt

Now enable custom robots.txt and than create a robot.txt file and pest in this option .

b)Enable custom robots header tags.

Now You have enable custom robot header tags than do some setting following below step by step.

 ➤ Home page tags 

 ➤ Archive and search page tags

 ➤ Post and page tags

Google Search Console.

After this all setting you have add your blog website in google search console .
Simply click on google search console button given in setting second or go to google and type google search console and then get site for console and submit your site .

Monetisation to Optimize your blog for SEO

After this all setting see a option in tha setting Monetisation that Enable custom ad.txt . there you can add a ads.txt file. there you can add this file after Adsense approval .

Backlink to Optimize your blog for SEO

baclink are very important foe index on google to your blog website . so if you want create free backlink so now read it .

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