zapier telegram

Zapier is an artificial tool for many social medial like zapier telegram , and more for connect and automate repetitive many task without any coding skills . Now you can start auto zapier tool for manage many social media application as telegram and more . If you want connect zapier to telegram for connect a auto bot so read this post starting to end .

Using Zapier you get  some code that can execute JavaScript or Python code for perform task . You can use JavaScript code  or telegram HTTP API code to post messages anyone in Telegram chats like a bot .

In this tool you get a bot for auto post any messages in telegram to any other person . So now start leering about how to zapier telegram are work and connect . If you want learn it so simply follow me step by step to make telegram bot .

  • First you have create a telegram channel . To create a channel simply click on side bar button and click on new channel button .
  • Now go ahead and then give best channel name and description of your channel .
  • As you have now set setting of your channel like privacy and policy and other .
  • Now create a bot for your telegram channel .
  • To create bot simply go to botfather and create a new bot for your channel .
  • Now you can go zapier and make account then start auto bot tools .

Thus you can use zapier telegram to send auto message in your channel or group using a bot .

Benefits of zapier telegram ?

  • You can send message at one time to many peoples automatically .
  • You can use a bot system washout any coding skills .
  • If you have biggest channel and if you have not time for message so you may use it .
  • Zapier are work on many social apps .
  • You can make social media marketing website here .


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